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You will need to give each egg coats of paint. Allow the paint to dry completely. Dip your pinky finger into pink paint and dab onto each rabbit to give them rosy cheeks.

Pastel Bunny Plastic Easter Eggs - 12 Pc.

When you are satisfied with how the eyes and mouth look, trace over them with a black paint pen or permanent marker. Take a look a these:.

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And of course we have tons more Bunny Crafts for you too:. Aww these are super cute! I want to try them out!

How to make a hare (a rabbit) ♡ using an egg

They look pretty easy to make and I feel like kids would have a fun time making them too! Recipe Rating.

East Bunny Eggs Materials:

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Make your own ear and leaf template as per the drawings above. Cut the template out and trace onto cardstock.

Cut each piece out. Glue the pieces of the ears together.


Why the Easter Bunny Is Obsessed with Chocolate Eggs – TCHO Chocolate

Glue cardstock leaves, paper and plastic flowers onto the bunny. Use a small paintbrush to paint a nose onto each rabbit.

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Use a pencil to draw eyes and a mouth onto each egg. This theme lines up with some of the concepts surrounding Easter, so eggs were easily paired up with the holiday.

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So that explains why eggs are connected to Easter and why a rabbit delivers them. Now where does chocolate figure in?

How's the bunny connected to Easter?

History suggests several factors may have contributed to the rise of the chocolate egg, including post-Lenten feasting, efforts to engage children with the Easter holiday, and a savvy marketing bid on the part of chocolate makers. Lent consists of the 40 days prior to Easter, during which many Christians choose to abstain from something that is normally a big part of their lives. As a result, many Christians would conclude Lent on Easter Sunday by feasting on eggs—which is another way eggs became associated with the holiday. All told, the practice of Lent earned Easter a connection with indulgence.

Chocolate makers quickly spotted a way to cash in on the Easter holiday, and the idea caught on. Not long after, Cadbury figured out how to mass produce those chocolatey eggs—and the rest, as they say, is history.

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