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Study In Multiple Locations. The brain makes associations between what it is studying and the background sensations it has at the time of study. Study at home, in the library, at school. Multiple associations give more neural scaffolding and this boosts memory.

Mix and match your studies, if you narrow your focus of study too much, you will not develop the mental hooks that the brain needs to solve problems. Tests Are Good For Learning.

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Tests are great learning tools. Libraries, teachers or professors often have copies of past tests in a subject. Find these tests and practice on them.

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Make sure they are directly related to what you are studying. Explain what you are studying to yourself by writing a summary, or explain it to a fellow student, or simply ask for help. You will find that when you frame your question you will often see the answer. Study Solved Problems. Students completed a three year mathematics course in 2 years by emphasizing worked examples rather than conventional instruction.

Use Schaum's Outlines. Physically fit people have fitter brains. This summary is taken from my book published on Amazon Kindle, where you will find much more detail. These tips, all based on good research, will enhance your study and improve your learning. Brainwave entrainment technology is simple to use. The student sits and studies while playing the appropriate mp3 track on headphones or speakers. There is plenty of Scientific Evidence to show that Brainwave Entrainment really does work. Many researchers have demonstrated the efficacy of brainwave entrainment.

Thomas Budzynski, Ph. Budzynski is a prolific researcher into neurofeedback with many publications and honors. In a study Dr Budzynski worked with 8 struggling college students. After undergoing audio-visual brainwave stimulation, the students outperformed a control group and significantly increased their GPA grade point average.

GPA for the students continued to rise even after treatment was discontinued! Science writer Michael Hutchison, author of the influential book Mega Brain says that scientists "have found that peak states are clearly linked to very specific patterns of brain activity. By using precise combinations of pulsating sound waves brainwave entrainment , they can actually produce those same 'peak state' brain patterns in ordinary people.

Psychologist Michael Tansey reported a 19 point average increase in IQ score after brainwave treatment. Take practice tests. It is best if you can use old versions or current practice tests of the exam that you would like to take. Find these by approaching the company that runs the exam or by searching the exam name online. You can also look for a generic free IQ test online.

Go to your local bookstore and flip through a couple of books before making a purchase to ensure the content is worth the cost. If buying online, use the preview function to look inside the text. Be aware that some groups, such as American Mensa, refuse to release their past tests, citing copyright restrictions. As a result, practice tests that fall into these categories may be more difficult to locate. Play games. Keep your mind flexible by engaging in a variety of mental games. Pick those games that challenge your memory and require speed, such as Dual-N-Back.


This is a game that pushes a player to recall a geometric sequence. If you play them frequently enough you will improve your gameplay but not your overall cognitive abilities. Your best bet is to move on once any game gets easy. Sitting down with a book as often as you can is a cheap, quick way to stimulate your brain.

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Recalling the sequence of events helps with memory retention. The act of reading itself is relaxing and can improve focus. For maximum benefit, jump between different genres and authors to keep your brain challenged. As you read make sure to look up any terms that are unfamiliar to you. Also, work on comprehension by re-reading any passage that is unclear to you. Learn something new.

The mental challenges and novelty of even consistent lessons push the brain to adapt and result in climbing IQ numbers. Put aside your technology. On occasion, lock up your cell phones and other devices and go through the world relying on your wits and skills alone. This may mean writing out a math problem instead of looking up the answer.

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All of these added tasks stimulate your brain in a positive way. If you can do this without compromising your safety, try it. Stay away from the TV. So, it should come as no surprise to you that TV time does nothing for your IQ. It is not active learning, but it is still something. Aim for 8 hours of solid, uninterrupted sleep every night. This will allow your body to head into a deep sleep cycle and replenish. Your brain gets to rest after a hard day of work.

Keep this pattern up heading into a test and make sure to sleep in the days immediately before. Eat well. Consume a well-balanced diet of fruit, veggies, grains, and meat. Eat regular meals and snacks. Try to avoid processed and sugary foods. Keeping a close eye on your diet gives your brain the fuel that it needs to perform at a top level.

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Pay attention to those foods that make you feel mentally sharper, such as walnuts. Diets that are high in fats and sugars can lower mental reaction times, reduce memory retention, and prompt feelings of depression. All of these outcomes are problematic in many ways, including damaging your IQ potential. Ginseng and sage are both potential memory boosters. Engage in cardiovascular exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes each session.

This will help to increase the blood supply headed to your brain which in turn elevates the oxygen level as well. Exercise creates a better physical environment for your brain to do difficult work. Relax your mind and body. As you take the test, concentrate on making deep, slow inhalations of breath. Put your arms over your head and do a slow stretch. Practice in the days and weeks before to figure out exactly which methods calm you down the best.

Wear comfortable clothing. Nothing will distract you more than fiddling with your clothing or jewelry mid-test. Wear simple, basic clothing without any embellishments that you can play with.


How To Accelerate Your Learning And Become An A+ Student

Choose something that you will comfortable sitting in for a long time. If you can find out the general temperature of the room beforehand that may be helpful.

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  5. Some test centers keep rooms extra-cold to prevent drowsiness meaning sweats may be a good idea for you. Method Three of Three: Taking the Test. Get information about the test proctoring. If you are taking a proctored IQ test, find out all of the details well in advance by contacting the testing center or the test program officers. Find out what items you are allowed to bring in to the testing room.