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Another roommate proudly "takes four shits a day.

Out in the open. But on day two, Piper is shocked to see Alex making her way through the common room. Having only caught a glimpse of her, Piper bribes a perverted male inmate - who she later discovers is a hit man - to pass a note to Alex arranging a meet up.

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The price? Some rank panties Piper has been wearing for four days.

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Alex and Piper meet face-to-face, albeit through bars that keep them segregated - and Piper finally learns the reason for her transfer. Alex reveals that they are both there to testify againstagainst Kubra Balik, her former cartel boss. But Alex also has some good news - Piper didn't kill Pennsatucky, but merely busted up her already rough face.

Break another law? Piper is in a tough place. Viewers get glimpses into her character's past with a series of flashbacks to when Piper, then a young girl, sees her father kissing a woman who is not her mother. When her mother meets the news with ambivalence, young Piper seems to realize that lying isn't so bad - "as long as we all smiled for our Christmas photos.

[Jungkook Oneshot 21+] Mark Me (wolf au) 1/2

So she does it - she covers for Kubra during interrogation. She claims she never met him - a blatant lie. And when the prosecutor asks if she understands the consequences of lying under oath, Piper tells him with a whimsical look in her eyes, "I was there for Alex. She was what I paid attention to.

Everything else was just background. Needless to say, a rage envelops Piper that is sure to boil over throughout the rest of season 2.

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Published : June 12, Recommended Slideshows 35 Pictures. Latest From A year old biking grandmother conquers Bolivia's 'Death Road'. Follow the mating instructions described above. Complete 4 rounds of feeding then mating. Environmental Change — Drought. Reduce the amount of food to mL due to drought conditions.

The top feeders will make enough babies to re-populate the environs back to the original population number. Have students graph class data for all conditions thus far.

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If time is limited instruct students to create bar graphs. White board graph trends and conclusions thus far specifically the relationship between characteristics and survival. Make sure students discuss the relationship between the color of the birds and their survival; the mouthpart of the bird and survival. Conduct a post lab discussion on results so far.

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What happened when we had only forks with no selection pressure, with selection pressure, with environmental change, what effect did color have on the ability to get food or survive? Introduce the terms, allele, variation and genetic drift. Emphasize the random nature of trait distribution. Ask students about changes in the number of blue or gold birds and if that was related to reproductive success. Two traits — Different characteristics. Give the students with spoons the appropriate number of spoon cards based on whether spoons are dominant or recessive. Complete 6 rounds of feeding then mating without any eliminations until numbers stabilize.

If the spoons have increased greatly, reset the population to the original number of spoons and then re-introduce the selective pressure competition and complete another 6 rounds. Follow the same protocols used when there were only forks in regards to student elimination, mating, child assignment and data recording. Re-introduce environmental change and complete 6 rounds. Have students graph the class data.

If time is limited, instruct students to use bar graphs. White board graph trends and conclusions specifically the relationship between characteristics and survival. Ask students to predict future spoon population. Bring out in discussion. Is there a need for variation in a population?

What is the effect of competition when there is variation? When do you see a change in the population? Do any traits ever completely disappear? Develop consensus through summary boards:. If a trait helps an organism survive to reproduce then the trait is passed on.


Thirst (The Kresova Vampire Harems, #1) by Graceley Knox

If a trait does not affect an organisms ability to survive then the frequency varies. If a trait hurts an organisms survival then it decreases. Populations change — not organisms. Introduce the terms: adaptation, natural selection. I think that the first time I run this I will need to just read through and follow the directions. I felt a little confused with exactly what data was supposed to be collected during the experiment. I think the kids will really get into this one as it seems silly at first.

I wonder how long it will take students to realize that there are serious topics Explain which data to collect more clearly. Decide if traits will be dominant or recessive ahead of time. Circulate to observe student technique and data colletion. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.