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This activity can be done with paper circles and pompoms. The starfish come in six colors red, blue, green, white, brown and yellow. You will also need the same colors in cardstock paper or construction paper. Cut out a circle of each color and place it in front of each of the starfish.

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You will need pompoms that are red, blue, green, white, brown and yellow and have the children take turns matching up the pompoms to the starfish by color. The starfish cards can be printed out in color or in black and white. Our fun beach ideas on this page were made to be used with preschool children ages 2 to 6. You will find this theme in our June lesson plans for preschool. They have tons of fun when bluebird finds some makers that is, until their mommys see them different colors, cute story for teaching colors.

This free printable book was made for our preschool beach week lesson plans. Our curriculum is sold by the month and each month has four weeks of lesson plans. Our beach week is included in our June preschool curriculum. Beach week is week 4 of our lesson plans for June.

Preschool Ocean Theme Activities

We hope you enjoy our free printable pages. These can be used with toddlers or preschool children ages 2 to 6. Have the children trace the word fish at the top of the page with a crayon, marker or thick pencil. Then have them find the letter F at the bottom of the page and either circle them, put a circle sticker on them or dot them with a paint dauber. To begin teacher will pass out each child the letter F is for fish page. She will point to the letter F on the page and ask the children if they know what letter that is and then she will ask them to look at their paper and locate the fish on their paper.

Next, have them look at the word fish underneath, ask the children to point at the letter f in the word fish,then ask the children who knows what the next letter is? Does anyone know what these letters spell? Look at the picture above, now do you know what the letters spell, yes the letters spell the word fish. Now teacher will pass out the crayons, markers or thick pencils to the chldren and have them trace the letters.

When they are done tracing the word fish, teacher will have the children look at their papers again and find the letters at the bottom of the page, she will have them find the first letter f that is circled and point to it. Next, she will have all the children continue to look in that row to see if they can find another f, as they find the letters have them point to them and teacher can look over to make sure they are actually pointing at the letter f.

The fish page can be placed in your literacy area. You will want to place some dry erase markers with the fish cards or stickers so they can use the cards over and over again, great fun! Have the children match up the letter tiles to the letters under the starfish.

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These colorful starfish help to teach colors and the letters by having the children match up the letters to the letter tiles on the starfish color card. The colors that we are using in this starfish letter match up activity is red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, brown, black, orange and white. If you would like the entire set of starfish color letter tiles they can purchased from the ad on the right hand side.

You should explain to the children that they are spelling the word red or the word blue that way the children will start to associate that letters spell words.

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Place the letter tiles into small containers and place with the letter tiles. Click Here — 12 Starfish! We begin September with the numbers 1, 2 and 3 and then each month after that we focus on one number, so for October the children will learn the number 4, November the number 5 and so on Print out the number 12 take home sheet above page onto copy paper, you will need one page per child.

Free Sample Lesson Plan

Pass out the number 12 starfish paper to each child. Teacher will hold up the page and ask the children if they know what number is on the page. Have them look at their paper and see if they can locate the number and point to it. Have them say the number out loud and point to it again.

Setting Up the Beach Theme in the Toddler and Preschool Classroom

Now, have the children count along with you as you count the starfish on the page. Try to do a few items that you may find on the beach too, such as a stick drift wood , a pebble, a shell, a feather and then look around for other items you can use such as small toys or fruit such as grapes, an apple, etc.

Set up two trays one that says float and one that says doesnt float. Hold up the first item and have the children guess if it will float or sink. Have the children take turns putting the item into the water to see if it floats or sinks, then have the children remove the item and place it onto the correct tray, the one either labled floats or the one labled doesnt float. Make sure you have enough items that either float or sink so that each child gets a turn of putting and item into the water.

For more fun science activities for your preschool kids please be sure to visit our preschool curriculum lesson plans, you can click the word preschool at the top of the page on the menu bar, we also have infant, young toddler and toddler lesson plans! Raking The Sand! You will need some toy rakes, like the ones you would use in the fall to rake the leaves and have the children rake the sand with a toy rake, what fun!

You could include:. Turn egg cartons into your favorite sea life for pretend play. Use a process art approach to creating jellyfish. Build your own coral reef with play dough.

Favorite Ocean Theme Preschool Activities

Create sand and sea squish bags for toddler and preschool sensory play. Make an edible fish sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers. Make an easy coral reef water play bin. Or get a little more crafty with a beach and ocean small world setup in the water table. Use seashells for sight word practice. Practice name recognition with seashells. Use seashells to create shell portraits. Create a beautiful underwater suncatcher.

Keep those seashells handy for more sensory play and art. Use these printable fish math games to practice early math skills. Collect seashells and paint them. Count and create with this Rainbow Fish play dough invitation. Many of our fish theme activities will also work well with an ocean theme. Make an O is for Octopus letter craft.


Preschool Ocean Theme Activities that Kids Love

Make a fun ocean inspired snack. Stay ashore and try some beach sensory play. Create a school of fish with these fish craft ideas.

Create an ocean relief paper sculpture art project. Read the Rainbow Fish and try some of these book-inspired activities. Find even more ocean play activities. Learn about sharks. Get an up close look at humpback whales. Swim with the sea turtles. Take a virtual field trip to a coral reef.