Fearless Men: Serenade, Sincerely, and Suddenly

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Writing about the Vietnam War bears the additional burden of exposing soldiers engaged in acts of extreme cruelty, less than ideal military leaders, and the poor judgment and outright deceptions of politicians at home. The conflict is still part of the lives of more than six million Vietnam veterans still alive today, according to the U.

Department of Veterans Affairs, while the period may feel like distant history to school-age readers who may not even have a grandparent who recalls details from that era. Yet sensitive authors can approach the subject in ways that examine the conflict and its aftermath with information appropriate to their audiences.

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Middle grade readers may have a particular fascination with battles, weaponry, tanks, and other agents of destruction, and here there are excellent choices that detail troop movements and attack tactics, with the context of political philosophies and power struggles woven in. The healing influence of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial has the potential to open discussion without overwhelming readers who are not ready for specific details.

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Vietnam Rotation Blues. The Soldier's Prayer. The War Keeps Draggin' On. Goodbye Travis Air Force Base. Bambina Ba Moui Ba. Saigon Girls. Saigon Warrior. McNamara's Band. Southeast Asia's Disneyland. Six Klicks.

Ballad Of The U. Francis River. Brave Boys. I Fly The Line. Phu Cat Star. Army Aviation. Jolly Green. Armed Forces Radio. Leaving On A Jet Plane. Boonie Rat Song. I've Been Everywhere. Freedom Bird. Peace Now. The War IsOver. Give Peace A Chance. Sign Of The "V". The Real Silent Majority. Please Settle In Vietnam. Winding The War Down.

Johnny's Not A Toy Soldier. Pencil Marks On The Wall.

Why A Peace Medley. Chant For Peace. What's Going On.

What led the US to the Vietnam War?

Happy Xmas War Is Over. Prisoner Of War.

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I Promise I'll Wait. The Story Of Vietnam. Welcome Home P O W. Searching For Closure. The War Is Over. Welcome The Boys Back Home. A Long Time Ago. Ballad Of The Plastic Prince. Returning Home From Vietnam. Sam Stone. Hanoi Hannah News Broadcast Excerpt. Hanoi Hannah. Hanoi Jane. Napalm Sticks To Kids.

"The Mills of the Gods - Vietnam" - Part 2 of 3

The Americans A Canadian's Opinion.