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You are correct, but I believe Shane was asking of someone that is alive today. From John the Baptist to Ellen G.

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White, there have been several teachers of the Elijah Message. So far, God has not found a need for an additional Prophet, as Ellen G. White has taught enough to prepare us for the Kingdom of Heaven, pointing us back to the Holy Scriptures Revelation At the time Ahab and Jezebel had led Israel to worship other gods. This was the problem Elijah was sent to counter on Mount Carmel.

He challenged Israel over who was God Jehovah or Baal. When the challenge came to Israel to choose God revealed himself in a most impressive way. This is in truth the message of Israel for today. And that is what has happened. The trinity denies that Jesus is the literal Son of God.

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Jesus is the Son of God. If Jesus has no beginning then he is not a son. For you can only be a son or daughter if you are born. John tells us Jesus is begotten. Proverbs tells us that Jesus under the title of wisdom was as one brought forth born and brought up with the Father, a son rejoicing always before Him.

This is the shaking message to shake the church to its foundation. They have been bewitched by the trinity and have forgotten the fundamental truth that Jesus is the literal Son of God. God bless. Sis Sabbay, the elijah message is everything you said and also includes the Sabbath Reform, which up till now, no one has a full understanding of.

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How do we keep the Sabbath more fully? That is what Ellen White said we will do in the last days. This is really an eye-opener. I added you to the list on AdventistWheatPublishing gmail.

The Last Elijah Message

We know that the fulfillment of the days according to Dan. Was the transgression finished? Was there an end of sin? Was everlasting righteousness brought in? Has the vision truly been sealed up? I think not. All that and more form part of the message of the Last Elijah of whom we are in this generation.

Elijah is a heroic figure in Jewish tradition. It is he who fearlessly challenges King Ahab, whose Phoenician wife has introduced the worship of the idol Baal into the Jewish Kingdom.

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Each Passover, a special cup of wine is filled and put on the Seder table. During the Seder, the door of the house is opened and everyone stands to allow Elijah the Prophet Eliyahu ha-Navi to enter and drink. At every bris, a chair is also set aside for Elijah. Meanwhile, as Elijah warned, the country suffered a severe drought.

Elijah makes the decision easy by promising to go before Ahab that day. Carmel to prove whose god is the true God. The priests and Elijah slaughter a bull as a sacrifice and call on god to consume it. The priests try a variety of prayers, dances and even self-mutilation, but nothing happens.

Elijah then calls on God to prove his power and a great fire comes from the sky and burns the bull. Likewise the Son of Man is also about to suffer at their hands. Who is Christ? Restoring the name of God is a Gospel imperative for the times we are living in. And you shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. For God did not send His Son into the World to Condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through Him.

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Whoever believes in Him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned Already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God. We are to hold to the sure pillars of our faith. The principles of truth that God has revealed to us are our only true foundation. They have made us what we are.


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The lapse of time has not lessened their value. It is the constant effort of the enemy to remove these truths from their setting, and to put in their place spurious theories. He will bring in everything that he possibly can to carry out his deceptive designs. But the Lord will raise up men of keen perception, who will give these truths their proper place in the plan of God.

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White, 1 Selected Messages, Frank I believe you will like this article. Have a read and tell me what you think. Also send me more information about Elijah. This message is not limited to the S. A denomination. God has no use for denominational idolatry, and sectarian division in the Body of Christ. God knows those who are members of His Church, who will be faithful in the time of trial.

God is good. As with most anything, when we simplify something we get at the crux of the matter or issue. Given the supreme importance of this message to us as the remnant church, we cannot afford to vaguely understand it, lest we lightly esteem it. But not on our watch, right? Here we see the Lord makes a promise. So a prophet is to come in the last days. So the purpose of this messenger, obviously, is to reveal important things we are to know concerning this great and terrible day.

In other words, he is to unveil hidden Scriptures and new revelations, to prepare us for this extremely important day. As the Elijah message was going out and gaining recognition, the leaders put a asterisk by the statement, leading people to think she was describing herself as the Elijah to come.