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Closer look at 'affluenza' teen's parents. Victim's dad: 'No surprise' affluenza teen is missing. Warrant out for Ethan Couch, the 'affluenza' teen. Victim's husband on 'affluenza' sentence.

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Victim: 'Affluenza' boy never apologized. Lawyer blames media in 'affluenza' case. Laywer: 'Affluenza' was not our defense. Cooper rips into 'affluenza' defender. Victim's family: Affluenza is 'nonsense'.

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Psychologist defends 'affluenza' decision. Teen avoids jail with 'affluenza' defense. Story highlights Access to money and pressure to succeed are challenges for affluent kids, psychologists say Wealthy kids more likely to suffer drug and alcohol abuse, depression and anxiety than national average, per research. Couch's decision to head to Mexico, a violation of his year probation sentence, accompanied by his mother has only heightened the criticism of him and his upbringing.

But psychologists around the country say there is something here that society should not overlook: There is growing evidence that children of the affluent are becoming "increasingly troubled, reckless and self-destructive," wrote Suniya Luthar, a professor of psychology at Arizona State University along with Barry Schwartz, professor of psychology at Swarthmore College, in a blog post for Reuters titled "Sometimes 'poor little rich kids' are really poor little rich kids.

Psychologist defends 'affluenza' Luthar has been studying the lives of privileged children for 25 years. Her research has shown that drug and alcohol use among affluent teens is higher than among kids of the same age group in inner cities. Further, children growing up in wealthier households are more likely to be suffering from anxiety and depression compared with the national average, according to the research. And, while crime is believed to be more of an issue for children living in poverty, there are "comparable levels of delinquency" for children in lower-income and upper-income households, wrote Luthar and Schwartz.

The only difference is the form the rule-breaking takes, they said. In well-off households, it tends to include widespread cheating and stealing from parents and peers.

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Luthar says there are plenty of reasons why people get uneasy about this topic. One is because of the word "affluent. People living in upper middle class households don't like to think of themselves as affluent, but they are. In a research paper called "The Culture of Affluence," she pointed to a range of factors that are unique to wealthy, upwardly mobile America, which present their own kinds of challenges.

Money is plentiful, so children have more money to buy drugs and alcohol and get sophisticated fake IDs, and parents have the money to pay for high-profile lawyers to make sure their children continue to have an "absolutely pristine record," she said. Closer look at 'affluenza' teen's parents But there is a sizable and vocal minority of parents who do not just bail their kids out but do it repeatedly and do it in very inappropriate circumstances," said Luthar, who is also professor emerita at Columbia University's Teachers College. Modeling is a key issue in all households, including wealthy ones, psychologists say.

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Some people, young kids, learn to be narcissistic," said Stratyner, who is also regional clinical vice president of the Caron Treatment Centers in New York. Children do what they see, psychologists say, and that plays a big role in the kinds of values you instill in your children. Added Luthar, "If you're the kind of person who stops at a traffic light to let an elderly person pass or picks up food for them in the supermarket, they watch this from when they are babies.

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Perhaps there is no greater positive example of children modeling the values of their wealthy parents than the Buffett family, with the father, Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway, one of the wealthiest people on the planet. The cure for 'affluenza' is prison.

People Share The Worst "Rich Kid Syndrome" They've Ever Seen

And yet, his kids grew up never thinking they were wealthy. Buffett's youngest son Peter, who is now 57, said he didn't actually realize his father had amassed so much wealth until he was We never assumed we would be getting anything at any time and we weren't bitter or thinking that we should for some reason," said Peter Buffett, in a Freakonomics radio podcast back in In a quote widely repeated when it comes to raising children with wealth, Buffett, the father, has said that he wanted to give his kids "enough so that they could feel that they could do anything, but not so much that they could do nothing.

Stratyner, who is also a clinical associate professor in the department of psychiatry for the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, says his advice to wealthy parents concerned about trying to instill good values is they shouldn't just give to their children. You live in a nuclear family, and you have certain responsibilities. Some rich folks, particularly the younger ones, can be a little clueless, rude, snobby, arrogant, etc.

There are plenty of people with a lot of money out there who are just lovely.

Got engaged to my now husband. When he graduated college his gift was a complex that brings in enough money that this kid could retire on it. Typically I was oblivious enough to not really realize it, but two instances come to mind:. In 5th grade we did some an exchange trip type of thing with some kids in Canada. He was on our college golf team and enjoyed destroying a club if he hit a bad shot. I asked him how he keeps playing and he basically said that at the end of every round he just bought new clubs for the next round.

He showed me in the trunk of his car how he had like 5 boxes of irons and always took the plastic off a new driver for every round I saw him play and he played every day at least 18 if not 36 holes.

The last car his dad bought him was a semi new Ford focus. A decent car, better than my white Camry. Her Dad paid for everything, they divorced within 6 months. One would take a taxi everywhere in town. She lived two blocks away from me and would take a taxi from her dorm to my house. The other would regularly complain about people not knowing how to manage their money. Shattered her world when I showed her my home on Zillow.

When she graduated college she complained about how much stuff cost all the time, it was nice seeing her learn the value of a dollar finally.

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My manager told me a story of someone that used to work there. An acquaintance of mine has the same deal with his parents. Edit: I should point out. Decided to have a demolition derby. Got caught.


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In the judges chambers, with the farmer, who just wanted the damages reimbursed. The high-end family lawyers asked what the hell they were thinking when they did it. Turns out that was the wrong answer….